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Ticking Clocks

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Doris Lessing's word struck a chord with her idea that we are only at the beginning of understanding the universe) and everything in it), as a ‘web of interlocking clocks all differently set’, she explains it is an understanding that is not intellectual but woven into experience.

The body is a site of interwoven clocks and it is with and by which we experience the ticking of our existence. Emotional, physiological and mental clocks define our experience and by the signification of meaning we create our realities.

Skillful Living's thought leadership lies in viewing somatic body intelligences as a powerful means to create mind body integration.


Last Updated on Sunday, 12 September 2010

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"Helen is a true delight to work with. Her open and honest candor is refreshing and she is a fountain of ideas when it comes to promoting a business. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to be better in business."

Les Allan, Owner of Business Performance PtyLtd

"Helen is extremely knowledgable in the area of personal performance coaching. Her insights into the connectedness of psychology, communication and physiological integration gave me a new perspective on how to deliver my expertise.

You cannot help but be inspired and renewed in the presence of her smile and passion for life.

I recommend Helen to anyone that wants to reconnect their body with their head to truly communicate their message authentically."

Nicola Barnard Director Phoenix Image Management



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