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Virtuosity is living to your full capacity and becoming what you can imagine

The famous Choreographer and dancer Erick Hawkins once said:

'a tight muscle cannot feel'

The same holds true for our minds. A tight mind cannot see.

Skillful Living Coaching Methodology expands what you can imagine whilst training your skills and growing your capabilities to become as large and as deep as your imagination, by tapping into and integrating your whole body / mind intelligence. 

If ones container is small then ones possibilities are small. 

Achieving mastery or virtuosic performance abilities at any level is accelerated by having an impartial expert championing your success. A person skilled at asking the tough questions, providing a safe and supportive environment to be challenged and stretched, keeping you accountable, listening deeply and celebrating when you break through tough going situational or personal barriers. 

Ongoing coaching causes success through creating the conditions and behaviors required for that success.

Skillful Living asks you to play, to try out and try on, to ask what if?  To ask what's next? To question and challenge? To become your own leader. To be deeply curious, engaged and interactive with the world you create. 

Skillful Livings key principles are:

Who said? Why is it this way,? How does that work? What if?

Results Clients have Achieved: 

  • Developed magnetic, congruent presentation presence and messages
  • Increased Leadership skills                      
  • Improved productivity                                  
  • Increased physical and psychological Resilience
  • Improved ability to set and achieve goals  
  • Increased self awareness and inter / intra personal skills (emotional and social intelligence)
  • Gained knowledge of personal Learning styles
  • Developed a solution focused approach to challenges
  • Increased income 
  • Increased ability to spot and maximise opportunities 
  • Changed outdated ways of being leading to new careers, improved career trajectory, increased personal value to the market place

You see things and you say 'why,' but I dream things that never were and I say 'why not.'

-George Bernard Shaw

To DO more or HAVE more first you have to BE more, you have to become the change you desire. Coaching will accelerate your journey 

I especially noticed a 80% improvement in my confidence levels and 60% improvement in being able to capture my natural talents and skills.This is linked with a 200% improvement in my ability to develop goals. I was so impressed by the work that I have hired Helen again.

Brian Crouch Creative Energy and Training

Intuitive, authentic, naturally caring, fun. Exceeded my expectations 1000 times over.

Sarah Liddle Small Business Owner

Helen has the beautiful gift to re-energise the client. And she has a very pleasant voice. I also want to emphasise that Helen uses a multiplicity of tools. Therefore, being coached by Helen was always exciting and like a new journey. By carefully listening to me and asking a lot of smart questions, Helen made me find out that being self-employed might be a better path for me to go than being employed. This made things much easier for me. There is no better coach than Helen.

Regina Beck: Microsoft Germany

I am acquiring a wealth of new knowledge and furthering the depth of my performance ability. Her teaching provokes a greater sense of body awareness and confidence in myself as an artist. Helen is a tremendously generous teacher, offering me such a high quality of learning, thorough communication and feedback, and a genuine interest in my personal artistic development. I am extremely excited to be guided through such an advanced experiential learning experience.

 Nikki Souvertjis Actor


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"Helen is a true delight to work with. Her open and honest candor is refreshing and she is a fountain of ideas when it comes to promoting a business. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to be better in business."

Les Allan, Owner of Business Performance PtyLtd

"Helen is extremely knowledgable in the area of personal performance coaching. Her insights into the connectedness of psychology, communication and physiological integration gave me a new perspective on how to deliver my expertise.

You cannot help but be inspired and renewed in the presence of her smile and passion for life.

I recommend Helen to anyone that wants to reconnect their body with their head to truly communicate their message authentically."

Nicola Barnard Director Phoenix Image Management



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