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Acceleration Performance Coach to business owners, leaders, managers, speakers and performing artists, Helen combines the philosophies, theories and practice of brain based coaching, psychology, art making and body/mind practices, offering a rare and unique value proposition for aspiring leaders and current leaders to clarify their true commitments, grow their capabilities by accessing their whole mind/body intelligence and improve their self management. 

Helen brings a wealth of experience, intelligence, humour and educated awareness to the coaching and training relationship. Drawing on 30 years of performing arts practice, running an independent performance practice and small business, Helen holds a post graduate diploma in psychology and PCC level coach training, an honors degree in Dance Theory and Performance, Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Laban Movement Analysis. Helen is also a member of the International Coach Federation. She has sat on several boards including selection panels for the Australian Council for the Arts.

Helen has lectured in Universities, created over 15 original performance works and numerous improvised works throughout Australia and Europe. Directing Skillful Living has been an extension of her skills which include marketing, sales, innovation and business development. 

An example of her innovative, cross disciplinary thinking is reflected in the performance work No/Mad: a solo site-specific public performance work exploring ideas of ownership, perception, architecture, challenging the subtle divide between everyday actions and performance, and the relationship between the audience as both witness and performer.

From this work Helen has come to believe strongly in the power of creative processes and improvisation to transform combined with running a business the whole brain has truly been brought together. 

Skillful Living asks the question why leave any part of yourself on the table? Operating from our whole selves means we have a greater capacity to access a larger field of potential. 


Performance and Choreographic Reviews

'Omands facial and body expressiveness transcends the obvious and the predictable. Incorporating popular music and 1950's sounding definitions of personality. I didn't want Omand to go: for this kooky world of greys to leave me, but knew with their fifteen minute time limit, that is was sadly inevitable. 

Rebecca Meston D.B. Magazine 2002

"Since returning recently to Australia, Omand has continued to make work that pushes the boundaries of conventional theatre and dance. Omand is a compelling performer - equally engaging while performing wild, shaking and contorted movements as when simply looking out at the audience with a spicy secret we're just dying to know" 

Justine Shih Pearson Dance Australia Magazine 2002. 

Coaching Testamonials

I especially noticed a 80% improvement in my confidence levels and 60% improvement in being able to capture my natural talents and skills.This is linked with a 200% improvement in my ability to develop goals. I was so impressed by the work that I have hired Helen again

Brian Crouch Creative Energy and Training

Intuitive, authentic, naturally caring, fun. Exceeded my expectations 1000 times over.

Sarah Liddle Small Business Owner

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"Helen is a true delight to work with. Her open and honest candor is refreshing and she is a fountain of ideas when it comes to promoting a business. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to be better in business."

Les Allan, Owner of Business Performance PtyLtd

"Helen is extremely knowledgable in the area of personal performance coaching. Her insights into the connectedness of psychology, communication and physiological integration gave me a new perspective on how to deliver my expertise.

You cannot help but be inspired and renewed in the presence of her smile and passion for life.

I recommend Helen to anyone that wants to reconnect their body with their head to truly communicate their message authentically."

Nicola Barnard Director Phoenix Image Management



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Helen is currently updating this website. Please keep an eye out as new content and layout is being added - subscribe to the newsletter for more information! (updated news: October 2010)